Saturday, April 17, 2010

10/9/08 & Apr 09 From "The Diaries of an H Permit"

picasso's old guitarist
I can feel the pain move
up and down my spine
The pain hunts my body until
the numbness of the killer prevails
Everyday in a different way
I beg you
pick me up
over and over again
do not let me fall
in the dark pit of despair
Wipe my tears, I beg you
so that life gets less blurry
and I may see God's mercy
behind the repetitious torture
and the actions of selfish
monstrous bitches
who don't care to apologize
for kicking your ass
when you are about to trip.
Oct 2008
-From "The Diaries of an H Permit"

bulbul ile gul
nightingale & the rose
on the day when
selfish bitches turn into wingless angels
homelessness turns into hospitality
hunger turns into charity
pain turns into walking on the waves
burden walks out the door
sickness turns to the Health-Giver
the dawn breaks and
the morning follows the night
I remember to thank God...
April 2009

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