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1/24/09 Norman Finkelstein and the things he made me think of

The essence of his message:
"Deutschland Uber Alles
Who he is:
Prof Norman Finkelstein is the son of jewish "holocaust" survivors.
My initial reaction:
I know that many people w/ Jewish parents are not pro-Israeli atrocities. Like our very own Rainbow. I know that there are Jewish rabbis -especially the Palestinian Jewish rabbis- that are openly anti-Israel.
What confuses me is that we live in a time when Obama is the president of US and Gul is the president of TUrkey. and these people and the people like Finkelstein are still alive and not only that but they're out and about doing their own thing and noone seems to be stopping them.
Is this b/c of the power of the internet? Or is the illusion of freedom and democracy becoming harder and harder to get recognized as an illusion? Or am I just being paranoid?
But only 40 yrs ago black people weren't allowed in the same classrooms w/ whites in the US, in TUrkey only 10-20 yrs ago, people who wore headscarves and their husbands, if they were trying to get to important posts were being thrown out of Turkish citizenship, or being fired from their posts, or never let to that post in the 1st place, or even being tortured in jail. The sacred Turkish army that did coup d'etats every few decades is not being charged w/ the greatest crimes. And Roger Garaudy was prosecuted for supposedly being anti-semitic not too long ago when he said things similar to Finkelstein.
I dont understand what is becoming to the world. Is this a new kind of politics? Is this good and hopeful or is this worse?
Thinking further:
Salary=slavery. After the Industrial and the French revolutions slaves became the working class. Bourgeoisie replaced the aristocratic class by ruling countries. Only this time the working class didn't think of themselves as slaves and they didn't do bloody riots like the french revolution because they weren't hungry anymore. Plus the working class has the "right" to vote which makes them think that they're ruling the country while behind the scenes the bourgeoisie is choosing the people who will run for elections, supporting them monetarily while the people have the illusion that they chose their ruler.
Colonialism was replaced by neo-colonialism: while countries think that they got their independence, they're still being manipulated by the same colonialist countries w/ their hoax/dictator governments.
The power of the internet:
My freshman year I took a sociology class called "cultural studies". one of the many things i learned in that class was about the "production of culture" i.e. how s.o. becomes "famous" or sth becomes popular. Gatekeepers (agents/producers/taste-makers..) and Sponsors (i.e. bourgeoisie) produce the popular culture. They choose the persons who will represent this culture on the cover, ie. media, while they work hidden in the background.
I feel like this model also applies to elections. It's almost like playing popstar. Some people decide who will be in the game and we think we are choosing the star. Some people decide who will run for elections and we think we choose our presidents.
But the internet seems to be shifting the dynamics of this game. People who don't have agents put up a video they made on their webcam in their home on the internet and it gets 20 million hits and the person becomes famous. I have the impression that we are moving towards a pop culture that will be produced by the people themselves and not by some people hidden behind the media scenes.
Our sources of information is also quickly shifting. For ex I dont read newspapers, I don't watch TV and yet I follow today's "news" thru blogs, various websites, thru pictures that some random person on facebook took and put on a group's site etc. This chaotic stream of information is so much harder to control that I think the media now realizes that they cant just make up their own stories and make people believe in whatever bullshit they would like to inject to the masses. I think this has proved to be rapidly reflecting in our modern day politics.
With the power of internet we are stepping into an era of entirely different media/politics/pop culture dynamics.
I'm not sure what's happening but I continue to be paranoid. I feel like it's getting harder and harder and more complicated to see what's behind the illusion; which might mean that it's becoming easier to fool masses, and greater masses, maybe even including intellectual and educated people, exactly because it seems so hard to control and fool masses in this new era.
I hope I'm wrong but I feel like this is a post-post-neo something, a new game that protects the social/economic/political power of the high bourgeoisie/aristocracy, even if behind the scenes.

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