Saturday, April 17, 2010

1998 Nature-Lover

I'm a nature-lover
I can't bear living far from the nature
I can't bear living in the cities
I want to be near my God
I want to live in this world
I want to feel that I'm living
I want to feel that I'm breathing
I'm a nature-lover
I hate all the people
All what have done the people
In the name of progress
They killed all of us
I want back my life,
my world
I want back my life,
my... happiness!
I'm a nature-lover
A leaf that has perished
Is worth to me the greatest machine
Look at what have my ancestors done
They thought they were clever
In fact they've done the silliest thing
By using their powers to kill their generations
If an alien who has heard
That man-kind is so powerful
And that he's the king of the worlds
Came on this earth
Would leave the Planet Earth surprised
and rather disappointed
By what he has found
1998, Istanbul, TR
PS: (Back then, I probably didn't even know what environmentalism meant)

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