Saturday, April 17, 2010

4/13/07 gaffur's potential existential angst crisis starter question

gaffur: sshh.. are you rich?
kubi: haha.. so they say.
gaffur: how does that help you?
kubi: as you can see, i can sit down in my own office room, and drink my tea comfortably.
gaffur: i'm also sitting and drinking my tea! what's the difference?
kubi: Fatos, i'm going out for a while, i might play some cricket. yeah,
cricket. do you play cricket Gaffur?
gaffur: soccer
kubi: it's more fun, isn't it?
gaffur nods.
kubi: fatos, my dear, i'm going out for a little bit. i have to do some thinking.

translated from a scene of turkish TV show "Avrupa Yakasi"

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