Saturday, April 17, 2010

9/3/08 Gave me tears-Ramadan fasting for pupils in England

when i read this handbook i had tears in my eyes. maybe it was because i was damn hot and dehydrated and fasting and had been staring at the water left at the bottom of a glass from sahur with great temptation for the last half an hour. then again maybe it was because i remembered of the times when i was a pupil in turkey. if i wanted to pray in school i had to do so by hiding from the school director for fear of punishment. there were absolutely no special arrangements in school for those fasting, except for the eid holiday. fasting was even discouraged: "a student should not fast!"

ethnic minorities in the majority "christian" England has waaaaay more rights, recognition & support then the majority in the majority "muslim" Turkey.

sad. really. gave me tears.

btw.. Ramadan mubarak everyone. Hope you have an easy & healthy time fasting during these long hot days of the beginning of fall semester.

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