Thursday, May 13, 2010

War Machine, Military Service, Paul Tibbets, Hiroshima
great historical analysis of nationalism, industrialization, media, education and WAR (hell incarnate-the 21st century version of it leaves Satan in awe!)
how entire nations went to WAR partying (and it's still happening).
13 awards and decorations to Paul Tibbets, the man who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and said "If you give me the same circumstances, I'd do it again." It makes my blood freeze to hear it! An-naru Hakkun! Hell is Justice for things (can't call him a person or human) like this.
"... the circumstances being as they were at that time, i don't think i would hesitate one minute to do it over"
god protect us from monsters like this.
In response to comments:
"i personally as a non-historian don't care if the atrocities committed against armenians would be labeled as genocide or not. the point is whether it is armenians or algerians (10-25% of whom were killed by the french during the independence struggle and until the '90s the french denied there was even a war in algeria-apparently it was simply terrorists uprising against french army- and it's extremely hypocritical of them to prosecute anyone who for whatever reason says there wasn't an armenian genocide) or kurds or native americans or gays or murder, torture of any human being, deliberate destruction of other's property is unacceptable under any circumstances (maybe murder can be pardoned if committed in self-defense and under despair). Mass murder, war, armies or terrorist organizations (not much difference between the two except one is controlled by a government openly, the other is not) in 20th&21st centuries have gotten so out of control it makes me sick to know people send their kids or themselves to military service without protesting. it's even more alarming that people send their kids to military service in a state of euphoria! god open our eyes and not let ourselves be used by evil world powers pulling on puppets' strings behind the scenes.
you're right C. in that whenever we listen to the media, government controlled education, and other forms of brainwashing mechanisms w/ a non-critical ear we're by indifference supporting these atrocities.
the main reason i am not sure where i stand on whether the crime against armenians would be labeled genocide or not is because i never trust the media. while the turkish media says there hasnt been genocide the european and american media says there has been genocide. therefore i believe neither and prefer to remain skeptical towards both arguments. god knows most probably they're all lying. lying sometimes manifests itself in manipulating or diverging the attention from the important issue at hand. while people argue abt how to label an event that happened in 1915 they often fail to see that the turkish army is committing similar crimes now against the kurdish people. the important issue in my opinion is whether we should support the idea of an army at all, whether we should start protesting against obligatory military service and protesting any human rights violation (which includes all the wars in the past century)."

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