Monday, December 17, 2012

Health Care or Lying&Cheating&Robbing?
The stigma against psychological and mental disorders needs to end and this starts with a change in public opinions and attitudes which requires education first and foremost as evidenced by research. (my u.grad honors research was about reducing public stigmatization of depression.) the brain is an organ like the heart and others. mental healthcare is healthcare, i don't even know why it's separated out when our minds and bodies are intertwined and interact with each other. one cannot be healthy without the other. a holistic prevention approach needs to replace the current hegemony of capitalist pharmaceutical and medical companies (who don't give a damn about our health and all they want is more $$$) in healthcare. For ex in Cuba where they practice preventive and FREE healthcare, apparently there are no people with cholesterol diseases-it simply doesn't exist. there are so many psychological and physical (often linked) conditions that can be prevented with healthy diets and supplements, it's a crime against humanity that people are deprived of proper health education, are taught a bunch of lies and that grocery stores are 90% junk&poison mix instead of real food, not to mention the ban on therapeutic, cancer curing and dietary essential herb, all the while tobacco, alcohol are legal and carcinogenic chemical crap is allowed in all sorts of foods and products! Simply taking a glance at the food pyramid shows us how badly we're being lied to, cheated and robbed; observe that grains are suggested at the bottom of the pyramid, as the primary food source, whereas the gluten grains contain causes a number of illnesses and we have absolutely no need for grains. gluten causes or worsens autism, depression, weight gain, diabetes, etc. grain is bird food, not mammal food. but of course there are so many junk food companies who would not like that info to get out, just like they don't want people to know high fructose corn syrup they put in a plethora of drinks and foods causes diabetes and that the aspartame poison in supposedly healthy diet foods is worse for you than sugar is. My conclusion: NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT MAFIA, unfortunately today, democracy is a big brain-washing lie 

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