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House of God's Children-Finances

House of God's Children
Madrasat az-Zahra (School of Flower)
My dream:
An alternative system proposition to modern schooling

----First draft----

For the overview of the House-Madrasah and for some basic principles, as well as the provided links for
-The facility
-Activity examples
-A typical day
-Project examples


Initially we will need donations for the facility to be built in its entirety (including furnishing, and main education tools such as computers, sewing machines, shoe making device, piano...) together with the farming grounds. Once the families settle and school starts, the efforts will focus on self-sustenance. For this an attitude of conservation of resources and a minute sensitivity against wastefulness&consumerism will provide a strong basis. Menial classes such as farming, soap making, etc will give the children the opportunity to contribute to the finances of the facility. 

Any excess farming products such as vegetables, fruits, berries, goat cheese&yogurt, eggs and salad is sold at the nearest farmers or fresh markets or co-ops for some monetary income to buy:
- groceries that we probably can not grow, mainly: meat, nuts, coconut products, vinegar, olive oil, salt, cocoa
- expenses needed for farming and gardening itself
- to partially provide for mothers' salaries (this portion of mothers' salaries is in exchange for their farming efforts and is divided among mothers depending on their contribution level to gardening and house chores, expected to be all about equal)
The separation of farming income from the other incomes (below) is to ensure that there is sufficient farming activity going on by parents and children, that no other incomes are needed to be used for food related expenses.

Day-time students not only have access to all schooling including music, sports, gardening, etc, they also shower on facility after exercise, nap on facility day-time, and have breakfast and lunch on facility. They pay tuition to attend this "farm-house-school" in order to meet the below daily needs. The number of day-time students should be about equal or slightly larger than that of the boarding students, such that one day-time student's tuition will be providing approximately for the following needs of both herself and 1 boarding student:
- to provide the remainder of mothers' salaries (this portion of mothers' salaries is decided taking into account that they don't have rent, utilities, groceries and cleaning supplies expenses and depending on how much time they spend outside of gardening and house chores on activities related to their expertise such as teaching yoga or music, etc. This also includes myself since I will be more heavily doing teaching and will not meddle much with chores or gardening, as I hope to live outside but near the facility.)
- to provide the fees of attending outside classes (such as ballet)
- books, art supplies, toys, any other education material such as media, musical instruments, sewing and soap making materials, etc.
- utility bills,
- all biodegradable cleaning and hygiene supplies for entire facility, except for what is already made on facility (such as during soap making classes) [if more soap is made then needed, those too could be sold in markets with groceries to provide for other needs],
- should any mending be needed for facility buildings
- medical needs such as emergency tool kits, medical herbs, vitamins, acupuncture needles, etc

All-natural clothing for boarding students is provided by way of sewing classes and the mothers are responsible for any additional clothes. For additional clothes 2nd hand natural (such as cotton) clothing will be encouraged especially while the children are still growing fast.

Health needs for boarding students will be met by the acupuncturist (or other health care professional) mother on facility. I hope by the time this project comes to life, health insurance will not be needed for emergency care.

For any adopted pets by boarding children, they will be encouraged to provide for them by letting them hunt, collecting food for them and any additional expenses should be met by mothers.

If the mothers have cars (they probably will) they will be responsible for the expenses of their cars.

I'm not sure what the tax situation would be for such a complex. Rationally, if anything the government should support such a project, but it might be too optimistic to expect such a thing from the modern corrupt governments.

Graduating boarding students will be expected to pay "alumni charity" for the building of additional complexes in order to house and educate an increased number of orphans. The average expectation for alumni charity will be about the amount of tuition they would have payed if they were day-time students (or more (: ).

If you're interested in any of my original design ideas please feel free to contact me with questions, comments and suggestions. If you're interested in financing such a project, I already love you :)

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