Thursday, July 17, 2014

Protesting for the sake of real democracy by NOT participating in elections

"Until your democracy lie is replaced with true democracy and the willpower of the people, until the people do not have to elect one of the candidates chosen by global powers outside the country, until the people can identify their own candidates, until there are no wasteful election campaigns, until a true election with candidate identification by the people themselves takes place, I am decisive in not joining the elections of any country I am a citizen of.

The day I can elect people freely identified by the people and not one of the puppets imposed on us by the same puppet masters, and not one of the faces as the two sides of the same coin, will be the first day I will be going to the voting booths. Until that day I leave you alone with your shadow plays embellished with lies.

A human being striving to reach from the slavery of World citizenship, to the freedom of being TheOneGod's 'abd (worshiper/person/being/citizen). "

--From my answer to the email by the Foreign Affairs Ministry inviting "Turkish citizens" who live abroad to the Presidential elections.

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