Monday, May 31, 2010

Freedom Flotilla / Ozgurluk Gemileri

One day I was playing with my doll
A man broke our door
Killed my father and raped my mother
I was playing with my doll
Dragged me out of my bedroom
Locked me in the basement
Burned my doll in front of my eyes!
Gave me water but no food

My sister was outside on her scooter
Saw what happened through the window
She was outside on her scooter
Hiding behind the bushes watching
Terrified but she was my sister
When the man left the basement
She came down with her scooter

Take my scooter she said
I can't bring your doll's ashes
I was proud of her bravery
I will come again with food she said
Wish I could take you out of here

Then the man showed up
Beat up my sister in front of my eyes!
And broke her scooter too
Mummy! Where are you?
Mummy have you got no voice anymore?
Mummy who will protect me now?
I turn to You Oh My Lord! Show your Mercy now!


Bebegimle oynuyordum bir gun
Derken o adam kirdi kapimizi
Oldurdu babami ve kirletti annemi
Bebegimle oynuyordum ben
Odamdan surukledi beni
Bodruma kilitledi
Bebegimi yakti gozumun onunde!
Su verdi ama yemek yoktu

Ablam mobiletiyle oynuyordu disarda
Pencereden gordu olup biteni
Mobiletiyle oynuyordu disarda
Calilarin arasindan izliyordu
Odu patlamisti ama ablamdi
Adam bodrumdan cikinca
Mobiletiyle indi asagiya

Al dedi oyuncagimi
Bebeginin kullerini getiremem sana
Cesaretiyle gurur duydum onun
Yemekle donecegim dedi bana
Keske seni buradan cikarabilseydim

Sonra o adam geldi yine
Dovdu ablami gozlerimin onunde!
Kirdi mobiletini de
Annecim! Nerdesin?
Annecim ne oldu sesine, cikmaz mi artik?
Annecim kim koruyacak simdi beni?
Sana yalvariyorum Ey Rab! Goster simdi Rahmet'ini!
The first person is Gazan people. The man is Israel. The sister is the fleet and the people who sent aid to the fleet, including the children who sent their toys and lollipops to the Gazan children. The bedroom is former Palestine/current Israel, whereas the basement is the enclosed Gaza strip. The mother is the rest of the world including the USA.

Birinci kisi Gaza halkidir. O adam Israil'dir. Abla gemilerdeki gonulluler ve gemilere yardim gonderenler, ozellikle Gazze'deki cocuklara oyuncaklarini ve lolipoplarini gonderen cocuklardir. Cocugun odasi, evi Eski Filistin/bugunku Israil'dir, bodrum is kapatilmis Gazze serididir. Anne ise dunyanin geri kalanidir, ABD dahil.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Karayilan (dizi muzigi) (TV Series Soundtrack) - Sevda senin gozlerinin rengindeydi

sevda senin gozlerinin, gozlerinin rengindeydi
hep bu yuzden ben siyahi olesiye oyle sevdim
gormesem de aklimdasin
bir sir gibi saklimdasin
degmez bana mermi kursun
sen olumle aramdasin
Love was in the color of your eyes

love was in your eyes, in the color of your eyes
that's why i always loved black as such to death

even if i don't see you you're on my mind
in my concealment like a secret

missile or bullet can not harm me
you stand between me and death

Turkish to English translation - Turkce Ingilizce ceviri tercume.
Comments on translation quality are welcome.
L'amour était dans la couleur de tes yeux

L'amour était dans tes yeux, dans la couleur de tes yeux
c'est la raison pour laquelle j'ai toujours aimé le noir à la folie
même si je ne te vois pas, je pense à toi,
tu es comme un secret que je ne dévoile pas
aucune balle ne peut me toucher
tu es entre la mort et moi

Please comment on quality of translation/accurateness of French (if you're a native speaker). Thanks!
Veuillez critiquer la qualite de la traduction si votre langue maternelle est Francais. Merci bien!
Turkish to French translation - traduction du Turc au Francais - Turkce Fransizca ceviri tercume

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Birak ucsun yarali guvercin. Ac kafesin kapisini. Ozgur birak onu biraz. Goreceksin kanadi kirik degil onun. Yalnizca fazlaca guzel. Ve hep daha yukseklere ucmak istiyor, sonsuza dogru... Hepsi bu. Goreceksin ki yarali degil ve dusup olmeyecek, aci cekmeyeceksin, yalnizca mutlu olacaksin, cocuk gibi neseli.

Tedirgin oluyorsun, daha cok, daha cok sikistiriyorsun onu kafesin icine. Boguluyor iceride guvencin, farkinda degilsin. Ama devam edersen hakli cikacaksin. Tedirgin olup ruhunu bir guvercini salar gibi salivermeyip tedbir aldigin icin hakli oldugunu sanacaksin. Bogulacak ruhun cunku tedirginlik kafesinde....

Oysa ki hatalisin. Birakivermelisin kendini. Birakivermelisin duygularini, hislerini, ruhunu; ozgurluge salmalisin. Korkmamalisin. Duygu aleminin derinligine inmekten, ruhunla yuzlesmekten korkmamalisin. Bosver... Neymis toplum baskisi, sosyal kurallar? Neymis curumeye yuz tutmus anlamsiz tabular? Kim engelleyebilir, kim engellemelidir, Tanri'dan baska, o yuce askin sonsuza kanatlanisini?
Let go, let the injured dove fly. Open the door to the cage. Give her some freedom. You will see that her wing is in fact not broken. She is merely too beautiful. And she constantly wants to fly higher, towards infinity... That is all. You will see that she is not injured and she won't fall and die, you will not suffer, you will merely be blissful, happy like a child.

You become anxious, you push her further and further in the cage. The dove is suffocating inside, you are not aware. But if you continue, you will be proved right. You will think it was just of you to take precaution and out of anxiety, not to let your soul loose like a dove. For your soul will suffocate in the cage of worry...

Whereas you are wrong. You should let yourself go. You should let your emotions, feelings, your soul go; you should let them free. You should not be afraid. You should not be afraid of diving deep into the realm of your emotions, of facing your soul. Forget it... Never mind the social pressure, the societal rules. What is the significance of meaningless taboos tending to rot? Who can prevent, who should prevent, other than God, the taking off of that glorious love towards infinity?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love is Universal

In our eyes reflects the light of the Sun
bright as the Full Moon in clear skies
I see the same Moon everyday
yet it never grows old or boring
every night ever more beautiful and touching
never ceases to evoke my admiration

It is not hidden nor hard to reach
the Moon hangs in the sky in peace
for all that look up to see
doesn't discriminate among any
save they open their hearts
black or white
short or tall
rich or poor
healthy or sick
gay or straight
all is blessed with the potential to find Love

Comment: In case you are not familiar with these metaphors:
the Sun is a metaphor for God's light in Middle Eastern literature.
the Moon here is a metaphor for Love.
the Moon reflects the light of Sun at night when we cannot see the Sun, just as God's light reflects in this world in the form of Love, peace and beauty whereas we cannot see God.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I sent my shoe to the Consulate General of Israel with the following letter. Will you join me?!/event.php?eid=374860762679
"Israeli government,
Congratulations on your continued accomplishments over the past 63 years in ethnically cleansing Palestine, defending yourself from implementing a long list of international resolutions, proceeding in violating the basic rights of the Palestinians wherever they are on a daily basis, by direct murder, expropriation of property, restriction of movement, denying freedoms of worship and inflicting collective punishment--all under the pretexts of security and self defense.
Please slam yourself with this shoe on the day you will shamelessly celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of Israel at the expense of Palestinian lives, land, fate, homes, and dignity.
A human being who listens to her conscience."

War Machine, Military Service, Paul Tibbets, Hiroshima
great historical analysis of nationalism, industrialization, media, education and WAR (hell incarnate-the 21st century version of it leaves Satan in awe!)
how entire nations went to WAR partying (and it's still happening).
13 awards and decorations to Paul Tibbets, the man who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and said "If you give me the same circumstances, I'd do it again." It makes my blood freeze to hear it! An-naru Hakkun! Hell is Justice for things (can't call him a person or human) like this.
"... the circumstances being as they were at that time, i don't think i would hesitate one minute to do it over"
god protect us from monsters like this.
In response to comments:
"i personally as a non-historian don't care if the atrocities committed against armenians would be labeled as genocide or not. the point is whether it is armenians or algerians (10-25% of whom were killed by the french during the independence struggle and until the '90s the french denied there was even a war in algeria-apparently it was simply terrorists uprising against french army- and it's extremely hypocritical of them to prosecute anyone who for whatever reason says there wasn't an armenian genocide) or kurds or native americans or gays or murder, torture of any human being, deliberate destruction of other's property is unacceptable under any circumstances (maybe murder can be pardoned if committed in self-defense and under despair). Mass murder, war, armies or terrorist organizations (not much difference between the two except one is controlled by a government openly, the other is not) in 20th&21st centuries have gotten so out of control it makes me sick to know people send their kids or themselves to military service without protesting. it's even more alarming that people send their kids to military service in a state of euphoria! god open our eyes and not let ourselves be used by evil world powers pulling on puppets' strings behind the scenes.
you're right C. in that whenever we listen to the media, government controlled education, and other forms of brainwashing mechanisms w/ a non-critical ear we're by indifference supporting these atrocities.
the main reason i am not sure where i stand on whether the crime against armenians would be labeled genocide or not is because i never trust the media. while the turkish media says there hasnt been genocide the european and american media says there has been genocide. therefore i believe neither and prefer to remain skeptical towards both arguments. god knows most probably they're all lying. lying sometimes manifests itself in manipulating or diverging the attention from the important issue at hand. while people argue abt how to label an event that happened in 1915 they often fail to see that the turkish army is committing similar crimes now against the kurdish people. the important issue in my opinion is whether we should support the idea of an army at all, whether we should start protesting against obligatory military service and protesting any human rights violation (which includes all the wars in the past century)."

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day Labor Anthem by Cem Karaca & Kemal Sunal lyrics translated turkish to english

" 1 Mayıs'ta Taksim'deyiz "

1 Mayıs İşçi Marşı

Günlerin bugün getirdiği, baskı zulüm ve kandır.
Ancak bu böyle gitmez, sömürü devam etmez,
Yepyeni bir hayat gelir, bizde ve her yerde.

1 mayıs, 1 mayıs işçinin, emekçinin bayramı
Devrimin şanlı yolunda,ilerleyen halkların bayramı.

Yepyeni bir güneş doğar, dağların doruklarından,
Mutlu bir hayat filizlenir, kavganın ufuklarından.
Yurdumun mutlu günleri, mutlak gelen gündedir.

1 mayıs, 1 mayıs işçinin,emekçinin bayramı,
Devrimin şanlı yolunda,ilerleyen halkların bayramı.

Ulusların gürleyen sesi, yeri göğü sarsıyor,
Halkların nasırlı yumruğu, balyoz gibi patlıyor.
Devrimin şanlı dalgası, dünyamızı kaplıyor.

Gün gelir, gün gelir zorbalar kalmaz gider,
Devrimin şanlı yolunda,kül gibi savrulur gider.

1 Mayıs İşçi Marşı " Cem Karaca & Kemal Sunal "
May Day Labor Anthem

What days are bringing today is oppression injustice and blood
However this shan't go forever, exploitation shall not continue
A brand new life shall come to us and everywhere

May 1st, May 1st, celebration of workers, laborers
Celebration of peoples advancing in the glorious path of revolution

A brand new sun shall rise from the summits of mountains
A happy life shall bloom at the horizon of the battle
The happy days of my homeland shall come soon for certain

May 1st, May 1st, celebration of workers, laborers
Celebration of peoples advancing in the glorious path of revolution

The roaring sound of nations is rocking earth and sky
The callused fist of peoples explodes like a sledgehammer
The glorious wave of revolution is spreading on our world

The day shall come, that day shall come when tyrants won't be no more
On the glorious path of revolution they shall vanish like ashes in the wind

Labor Day Anthem by Cem Karaca, translated by Asma.
Turkish to English translation - Turkce Ingilizce ceviri tercume

Sunday, May 2, 2010

5/2/2010 Daggers

Goz yaslarin dusuyor kalbime YourTears fall into my heart
ve yirtiyor hancerler gibi pierce it like daggers
buz oluyor her degdikleri yer red meat turns to ice
camdan kalbimde in my heart of glass
hapsoluyor tum duygular emotions under captivity
aci donuk once pain is frozen at first
ama kaybolmuyor but preserved

Dolu duruyor sonra Then the hail stops
ve catladigini duyuyorum and i hear the cracks
eriyen buzlarin as the ice melts
duygular fiskiriyor emotions burst free
cozulen zincirlerden from unlocked chains
cimdikliyorlar etlerimi each pinching me
avaz avaz bagiriyorlar and screaming the stories
hikayelerini mini hancerlerin of the little daggers

aci patirtili sonra pain is tumultuous now
buyuyor icimde growing in me
gozlerim iki yanardag my eyes two volcanoes
lavlarini saciyor erupting its lavas
ve hickirirken when i'm sobbing
hancerlerim seni hedef aliyor my daggers aim at you
yirtiyor sevdicegim kalbini pierce your heart
ve siddetleniyor alevler so darling to me
and increase my fire bursting

Firtina sonrasi dinginlik Calmness follows the storm
virane icim izliyorum as i watch the wreck inside me
sarilinca sana when i hug you
gogsunu islatmasam keske i wish i didn't wet your chest
kalbini avuclayip isitabilsem if i could grasp your heart
durdurabilsem su donguyu warm it and stop this cycle
heyhat! alas!
kurumadi henuz yaslarimiz we have yet
ve sen yeniden gulumseyinceye dek to run out of tears
bahar cicekleri and until you smile
acmayacak bende spring will not bloom in me

Isci Bayrami/Worker's Holiday/May Day/Labor Day Mubarak!

No to interest! No to wages, yes to "profit %"s! No to unfair distribution of wealth! No to social stratification! Justice not exploitation!


Faize hayir! Maaslara hayir, "kar yuzde"lerine evet! Haksiz sermaye dagilimina hayir! Sosyal tabakalasmaya hayir! Adalet istiyoruz somuru degil!


Non a l'interet! Non aux salaires, oui aux "benefice pourcentage"s! Non a l'injuste distribution de richesse! Non au classements sociaux! Justice pas d'exploitation!