Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love is Universal

In our eyes reflects the light of the Sun
bright as the Full Moon in clear skies
I see the same Moon everyday
yet it never grows old or boring
every night ever more beautiful and touching
never ceases to evoke my admiration

It is not hidden nor hard to reach
the Moon hangs in the sky in peace
for all that look up to see
doesn't discriminate among any
save they open their hearts
black or white
short or tall
rich or poor
healthy or sick
gay or straight
all is blessed with the potential to find Love

Comment: In case you are not familiar with these metaphors:
the Sun is a metaphor for God's light in Middle Eastern literature.
the Moon here is a metaphor for Love.
the Moon reflects the light of Sun at night when we cannot see the Sun, just as God's light reflects in this world in the form of Love, peace and beauty whereas we cannot see God.

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