Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NYC vs nature

When I go to downtown New York all I see is greed and egotism in the form of tall towers reaching for the sky. I see Wall St sucking on the blood of millions of abused and killed humans like the Count Dracula. I see no mercy, no compassion. I see victims and perpetrators, I see exhaustion, unrest, hatred, jealousy, injustice and inequality. I see masses of death concrete suffocating the liveliness of Earth.

Yet when I go to a forest or a lake, I find peace, rest, love and goodness. I see the constant transformation of death into life in the mouths of animals and roots of plants. I see beauty and bounty coming out of mud.

I see every leaf of every tree and every grass and drop of water proclaiming the Oneness of God, pointing to their Creator who creates everything out of nothing, who designs and adorns nature in a new form at every new moment, each form more appealing and eye pleasing than the other.

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