Saturday, February 9, 2013


Belki de sehid olmak baskalarinin uzerine basarak uzun ve onursuz bir yasam yasamaktansa, aza ve hatta olume Adil olan Yaratici'nin adina razi olabilmek.

Fenaya (esyanin fani yonune) dusmeden, o esyadaki Baki'ye sahit oldugumuzda, o animiz sehit olur. 

Perhaps being a martyr is to be able to settle for less and even for death in the name of the Creator the Just, in place of living a long and dishonorable life at the expense of stepping on others.

When we witness the aspect of things looking to the Permanent Everlasting Creator, without being constrained by the transient aspect of things, that moment in our life becomes a martyr.

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