Saturday, February 23, 2013

Purpose of Life=Hayatin Amaci

Bir fetusun ana rahminde gecirdigi 9 aylik hayatinin amaci, bu dunyadaki ortalama 70 yillik hayatina hazirlanmaktir. Bu dunyadaki ortalama 70 yillik hayatimizin amaci ise, sonsuz ahiret yasamina, Yaraticimizi taniyarak hazirlanmaktir, o Yaratici ki, O'nun Ilahi (Tanrisal) Mukemmeliyet (Kusursuz) Isim ve Sifatlari (Asma-i Ilahi, Asma-i Husna)'nin yansimasi Evren'dir.


The purpose of the 9 months life of a fetus in the womb is to prepare for her avg 70 years of life in this world. The purpose of our avg 70 years of life in this world is to prepare for our eternal after-life by the means of getting to know our Creator whose reflection of Its Divine Names and Attributes of Perfection is the Universe.

Objection from MM: There's no predefined purpose for how things work in our lives. We give them their purpose, and considering that this is the only life supported by scientific evidence, we'd do well to make this one count as much as possible.

Answer to objection: What is constant in the universe is the transience of everything. Every moment a new universe comes into existence, every moment a new me and a new you is being brought into existence. Each one of these universes are in perfect unison and cohesion. Human emotions and mind and the analysis of revelation in the form of both the universe and the messages of prophets all suggest that it would be illogical for a perfect universe to be created at each moment only to perish immediately and without any other purpose than its mere existence for an instant. However when one sees the universe as pointing to the Attributes of Its Creator by its qualities that cannot originate from within the universe and by its transience and re-existence, and when one takes into account that humans are given a curious mind and a questioning spirit searching for meaning, than the universe suddenly comes to life, it has meaning and purpose and our mind and emotions are not in vain or for the purpose of our suffering (as in existentialism) but they are all flashlights guiding us to find our purpose. However much pain or pleasure we may get in this world, every moment is transient and it vanishes into nonexistence becoming void and meaningless upon our death, were we not to observe the necessity of an afterlife. A man who lives a 100 yrs of something of a Disneyland life and a woman who lives 20 yrs of slavery all become dust after death, thus becoming equal. But whatever either human have done for the sake of their spiritual development, their understanding of the meaning of the universe and where they come from, that, they take with them beyond the grave. Whatever either human does of good deeds and of following their conscience in humbly helping and serving others in the name of the Creator of us all, that, they take with them to their eternal life. They either take their regret and guilt or their recognition and love of the Creation and its Creator.

Also relevant to mention in this context, and I hope I'm able to explain myself: 
-My existence now doesn't necessitate my existence in the next moment. So what prefers my possible existence in the next moment to my possible non-existence? 
It is only 
a "Necessarily Existent Absolute and Essential Being" that can prefer the existence of "possibly existent beings" (any thing or being we observe in this universe) to their non-existence.

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