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DOES the human, then, think that s/he is to be left to her/himself to go about at will?

أَوْلَى لَكَ فَأَوْلَى (75:34) 
Awla laka faawla

  • 75:34 (Asad) [And yet, O human, thine end comes hourly] nearer unto thee, and nearer – -

  • ثُمَّ أَوْلَى لَكَ فَأَوْلَى (75:35) 
    Thumma awla laka faawla

  • 75:35 (Asad) and ever nearer unto thee, and nearer! 

  • 75:36 (Asad) DOES the human, then, think that s/he is to be left to himself to go about at will? [15] 

  • Note 15 (Quran Ref: 75:36 )
    I.e., without being held morally responsible for his doings.(Quran Ref: 75:36 )

  • 75:37 (Asad) Was s/he not once a [mere] drop of sperm that had been spilt,

  • ثُمَّ كَانَ عَلَقَةً فَخَلَقَ فَسَوَّى (75:38) 
    Thumma kana AAalaqatan fakhalaqa fasawwa

  • 75:38 (Asad) and thereafter became a germ-cell - whereupon He created and formed [it] in accordance with what [it] was meant to be,[16] 

  • Note 16 (Quran Ref: 75:38 )
    For this rendering of sawwa, see note 1 on 87:2 and note 5 on 91:7. The stress on God's creating man after he had been a germ-cell is a metonym for His endowing the (originally) lowly organism with what is described as a "soul".(Quran Ref: 75:38 )

  • 75:39 (Asad) and fashioned out of it the two sexes, the male and the female?

  • 75:40 (Asad) Is not He, then; able to bring the dead back to life? 

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