Sunday, February 23, 2014

responding to oppression with compassion=zulme sefkatla karsilik vermek

Siddete siddetle, zulme zulmle karsilik vermektense, zulme sefkatla karsilik vermek zulme verilecek en kuvvetli cevvaptir. Cunku zulmun kimin gucu kime yeterse mantigina karsilik Rahim olanin adiyla Rahim olanin Sonsuz Kuvvetiyle gelir. 

Rather than responding to violence with violence and to oppression with oppression, responding to oppression with compassion is the strongest way one can respond to oppression. In fact, in response to the "let the strongest win" mentality of oppression, it brings in the name of the Most Merciful the Infinite Power of the All-Merciful.

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