Sunday, February 23, 2014

No action is secular within the Qur'anic framework

There is no action that is secular within the Qur'anic framework. Everything from eating to even sleep can and should be be transformed into a form of worship. The sacred significance of seeking and studying science and 'ilm (knowledge) lie in these interrelated teachings: 
1) Fulfilling the purpose of our existence by getting to know our Creator through Its creation, the universe and ourselves;
2) Following God's command in the Qur'an to observe and study the universe and to think as well as reason, in addition to Prophet Muhammad's sayings who summon the believers to go if necessary as far as China in search of knowledge;
3) Searching for the "Truth" is equivalent to searching for God, one of Whose Divine Names is "Haqq"="Truth" and another "Burhan=Proof";
4) Following the principle of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) "Takhallaqu bi akhlaq Allah" meaning "Cultivate the ethos of the Divinity" or "Qualify yourselves with the qualities of God", striving to reflect the Divine Names: "Hakeem=All-Wise" and another "Alim=All-Knowing".

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