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The blessings we receive from the One Creator

(Joseph) Yusuf and Zulaikha-A story of forbidden love from the Qur'an

Some Qur'anic verses on Jesus Christ son of Mary-Word, Prophet and Messenger of God.

"Cehenneme varmayacak kimse yoktur" ne demektir? Meallere dikkat

"Allah, diledigini saptirir" ne demek? Mealden Kur'an okurken dikkat

Who could give life to bones that have crumbled to dust?

DOES the human, then, think that s/he is to be left to her/himself to go about at will?

Bir aksamlik omur - A lifetime of one evening

Sevginin gucu = The Power of Love

Charity to other animals-hadith

Don't be sad = Uzulme by Rumi

Jesus' table by Rumi

Why, then, do you not accept the truth?

Glad tidings of Jesus son of Mother Mary (peace be upon them)

We are from God and to God do we return...

Anti-nationalism&anti-military in hadith&Qur'an = Milliyetcilik&askerlik karsiti hadis ve ayet

We have a wrestling against the world rulers of this darkness

Mathematics is a gift from God

The next world is an organic consequence of this world

The "electric lamp" or "the light of imaan" verse in the Qur'an

Living in the now and in gratitude :)

My prayers may not be accepted but they are all answered

Should I take to worshiping [other] deities beside God?

Anti-consumerism anti-wastefulness in the Qur'an

"Die before you die"

Praise and thanks to the Creator of every sip of sweet water that runs through every throat...

Sin vs worship? Gunah mi ibadet mi?

Paradise lies at the feet of your mother

Gaffur's potential existential angst crisis starter question

A beautiful verse

Gave me tears-Ramadan fasting for pupils in England

Quote from Reza Shah-Kazemi

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