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Evlilik icin kanimca onemli dusturlar

Topic: Longing for Paradise. What is the solution? (Part 3)  Halaqa: Wednesday, April 16 2014 presented at New York University by Dr Ali Mermer

Kur'an ayetlerinin sonsuz anlam katmanlarinin olusu

Tas devri diyetine Kur'ani bir yaklasim denemesi

This material world is not much more than nothingness
Madde maddi dedigin hicten pek fazlasi degil

In every dark and cold well is a door opening to a palace

Matter and Meaning(Spirit): Two Sides of a Coin
Madde ve Mana (Ruh): Ayni jetonun iki yuzu

"Cehenneme varmayacak kimse yoktur" ne demektir? Meallere dikkat

"Allah, diledigini saptirir" ne demek? Mealden Kur'an okurken dikkat

Imaan (belief with certainty) is to not contradict yourself.

Bir aksamlik omur - A lifetime of one evening

Sevginin gucu = The Power of Love

responding to oppression with compassion=zulme sefkatla karsilik vermek

a temporal and local continuity is not out of necessity

No action is secular within the Qur'anic framework

Who or what can endow me with my breath every moment?=Bana nefesimi her an kim ya da ne bahshedebilir?

The next world is an organic consequence of this world

living in the now and in gratitude :)

Should I take to worshiping [other] deities beside God?

Is the creation of Satan evil? Seytan'in yaratilmasi ser midir? Est-ce la creation de Satan mal?

Is pain evil? Est-ce la douleur mal?

Interpretation of "We" in the Qur'an

Ekonomik tercihler

Oh my ego who has lost inner peace...

how to do Q&A with revelation?

Does praying to God mean we should not appeal to causes?

Why do we say salawat to Prophet Muhammad?


Tas Devri Insaninin Dogayla Iliskisi

Tawakkul (trust) in our Provider's bounty or in the money we collect: huntergatherers vs 
billionaires and trillionnaires

Child rearing in paleolithic societies vs industrial societies

Insan unutkandir. Humans are forgetful.

Why I choose to be omnivorous

Purpose of Life=Hayatin Amaci

Community of Muhammad, Muhammed ummeti

NYC vs nature


"Kimlik bunalimi" "Identity crisis"

Ruhu ne doyurur? What satisfies the soul?

Healthy Living and Weight Management-Diet and Supplements

Benim olduktan sonra... Once it is mine...

Health Care or Lying&Cheating&Robbing?

Healthy Living and Weight Management

Our Metamorphosis with Death



2001  Birak ucsun yarali guvercin.  Let go, let the injured dove fly.

My life philosophy back in 2000

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